Galaxy S7 Specs, Rumors, Reviews, Release Info

Samsung Galaxy S7 Specs, Rumors, Features, Price, and Release Date Info

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Samsung continually leads the way with smartphone innovation each and every year. The flagship releases of the Galaxy S bring out what consumer are hoping to see the most, and many surprises as well. With the upcoming release of the inevitable Samsung Galaxy S7 consumers are already wanting to know what this means, and precisely what innovations we’ll see next.

As one of the industry leaders looks to continue being a major player in the smartphone industry, it will be interesting to see what Samsung has in store for us next. With the many changes in concepts and rumors surrounding some serious differences between the current Galaxy S and the Samsung Galaxy S7, only time will tell where this leaves us.

As we look to the future of one of the best-selling smartphone brands of all-time, we take the time to breakdown all of the Galaxy S7 specs, rumors, features, price, and release date info below.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Rumors

[AdSense-A]The rumors surrounding the new concept of the Galaxy S7 coincide with the direction that it appears Samsung is heading in. With other manufactures such as Apple, HTC, Sony, and LG looking to make some drastic concept changes, Samsung looks to stay well-ahead of the competition.

As it looks as though Samsung is well on their way of creating yet another innovative smartphone, it will be interesting to see where all the Samsung Galaxy S7 rumors take us. Based on what we’ve seen so far, the new S7 concept may have an entirely new display, improved visuals, enhanced security, more speed, and processing power that is expected to rival any upcoming smartphone release.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Specs

There is little that has been revealed for the specs of the Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone, but what little bit that is expected are quite amazing. Some huge improvements to the processor, both cameras, surround, memory have been rumored, and based on where the rumors are coming from we are in full-agreement.

Specifications Samsung Galaxy S7 Specs
Battery 4000 mAh
Camera – Front 10 MP
Camera – Rear 30 MP
Features 5 G capability, bendable display, dustproof, and waterproof design
Memory 32, 64, 128, and expandable up to 128 MB
Operating System Current Android Operating System
Price $299 + with new or renewal contact and $800 + without contract purchase
Processor 64 bit Exynos Processor at 3.5 GHZ
Release Date April 2016
Screen Display 5.2” OLED screen display
Video Recording 75 – 90 fps video recording

Camera Specs

For all you selfie lovers, the enhanced megapixels in the front facing camera will help create some of the most amazing self-images. The front facing Galaxy S7 camera is expected to come with 10 MP and 1080p for high quality video recording. The rear facing camera is also expecting improvements as the S7 rear camera may be the first to master 30 MP. Samsung continually pushes the envelope as far as innovation, and the S7 camera specs are one of the reasons why.

Processor and RAM

[AdSense-A]The processor and RAM have been upgraded from one Galaxy S release to another, and in the upcoming S7 this will be no exception. The improved processor and RAM is consistent with the new Samsung Galaxy S7 specs as this will have a significant effect on speed, power, and battery consumption.

We will likely see the 64 bit Exynos processor, but the S7 is likely to sport 3.5 ghz of processing speed. With 4 GB RAM that is expected, this will prove to be one of the fastest and most powerful smartphone processors on the market.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Features

Little is known for the features of the S7, but probably the most intriguing is the probability of 5G wireless connectivity. 5G will take on-the-go wireless data to the next level as the technology is in place for the Samsung Galaxy S7 release.

3G is a thing of the past, 4G is the present, and 5G is a thing of the future. We are fully expecting that Samsung will fully integrate 5G connectivity into the Galaxy S7 concept. Other expected features are a full 90 degree bendable display, and dustproof, shockproof, and waterproof design.

When more on information on the expected features becomes known, you can rest assured that you will see them here first.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Price

Despite the huge changes that are in store of us in the upcoming S7, consumers will be happy to know that this will have a minimal impact on the overall price. As Samsung looks to remain competitive and give consumers what we are wanting, there will be two options for the Galaxy S7 price.

For those who are looking to purchase the phone outright, one can expect an $800 + price tag depending on the memory option. For those looking to renew or obtain a new cell contract, a $299 launch day price should be expected.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Release Date

[AdSense-A]The consistency of Samsung over the years has made predicting the next release pretty easy. With the previous Galaxy S releases being in April and the upcoming Galaxy S6 release expected to be April of next year, we are fully believing that the Samsung Galaxy S7 release date will be April 2016. There is nothing to suggest otherwise, and when looking at other Samsung releases such as the Note 6 during the same year this makes the most sense.

Breaking Down the Samsung Galaxy S7 Specs, Rumors, Features, Price and Release Date Info

There is no doubt that the specs and features of the Samsung Galaxy S7 will be the best one’s yet. Samsung always looks to the future of technology, and with each release we see innovative technology that has yet to be featured.

This in itself helps separate Samsung apart from the rest of the competition, and with the S7 this will be clearly evident. As Apple, HTC, LG, Sony, and others look to further compete, it will be up to Samsung to lead the way. As more information on Samsung Galaxy S7 specs, rumors, features, price, and release date info become available, we will continue to break it all down for you within.