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Samsung Galaxy S7 Release Date and Price Rumors

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We are seeing many rumors that point to a totally new concept with the new flagship release from Samsung, and based on what we have seen this will be a can’t miss smartphone for 2016. With the many rumors including possibly a flexible design, edge controls, and an octa-core processor, the Samsung Galaxy S7 is already anticipated to be one of the best smartphones in 2015.

As Samsung looks to compete with other high profile releases such as the iPhone 7, LG G5, and the LG G Flex 3, the specs of the S7 aim to impress. Customary of what you will find throughout, the following are the Samsung Galaxy S7 release date and Galaxy S7 price of most of the larger markets with many more to come.

Breakdown of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Availability; Release Date and Price

[AdSense-A]To help you understand where the availability and the price of the Galaxy S7 will be on the day of release, the following list details all. The following countries are rumored to have the Samsung Galaxy S7 release date and the price you can expect.

With the current rumors of two S7 variants on the day of launch including a standard version and the rumors of a Galaxy S7 Edge, the following are the expected released date and price of the standard version. We can expect that the Edge will have a price of about $100 more with a release date that will be right around the same time.

Country Samsung Galaxy S7 Release Date Samsung Galaxy S7 Price
Australia 1st Week April 2016 1066 Australian Dollar
Austria 1st Week April 2016 730 Euro
Brazil 4th Week March 2016 2297 Brazilian Real
Canada 4th Week March 2016 1024 Canadian Dollar
China 3rd Week March 2016 5535 Chinese Yuan
Denmark 1st Week April 2016 5432 Danish Krone
England 4th Week March 2016 572 British Pound Sterling
Finland 1st Week April 2016 730 Euro
France 1st Week April 2016 730 Euro
Germany 1st Week April 2016 730 Euro
Greece 1st Week April 2016 730 Euro
Hong Kong 3rd Week March 2016 6977 Hong Kong Dollar
Hungary 1st Week April 2016 223,879 Hungarian Forint
India 4th Week March 2016 55,669 Indian Rupee
Indonesia 1st Week April 2016 11,112,300 Indonesian Rupiah
Italy 1st Week April 2016 730 Euro
Japan 3rd Week March 2016 107,725 Japanese Yen
Nigeria 1st Week April 2016 161,235 Nigerian Naira
Philippines 3rd Week March 2016 40,297 Philippine Peso
Poland 1st Week April 2016 3038 Polish Zloty
Russia 1st Week April 2016 48,282 Russian Ruble
Singapore 3rd Week March 2016 1181 Singapore Dollar
South Africa 2nd Week April 2016 10,090 South African Rand
South Korea 3rd Week March 2016 1,002,141 South Korean Won
Spain 1st Week April 2016 730 Euro
Sweden 1st Week April 2016 6767 Swedish Krona
Switzerland 1st Week April 2016 879 Swiss Franc
Taiwan 2nd Week April 2016 28,057 New Taiwan Dollar
The Netherlands 4th Week March 2016 730 Euro
United States 4th Week March 2016 $900 USD

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